We always welcome new collaboration opportunities using the below instruments


Calculation servers

   CPU: Intel Xeon, AMD EPYC (4 CPUs, 228 cores), Memory: 6.5 TB, Local disk: 42 TB

   Software: Gaussian16, GRRM17, Orca5, Molpro2022, Q-Chem5...

Synthesis and Characterization

Automated synthesis reactor (EYELA)

Rotary evaporator (Yamato REV202)

Flash chromatography system (Biotage, Selekt Spektra)

Recycling GPC system (Shimadzu)

Recycling HPLC system (Shimadzu)



Steady-state and transient spectrofluorometer (Edinburgh FS5)

   Excitation: Xe lamp, sub-nanosecond LED (310 nm, 810 ps), picosecond laser (375 nm, 57 ps)

   Detection: 200–870 nm (steady-state),  230–850 nm, 2.5 ns–200 s (TCSPC and MCS)

Transient absorption spectrometer (Unisoku picoTAS-ns)

   Excitation: sub-nanosecond laser (355 nm, 350 ps)

   Detection: 410–1600 nm, 400 ps–2 ms

Integrated sphere system (Hamamatsu C9920)

    Excitation: Xe lamp (350– 800nm)

    Detection: 350–1000 nm

Liquid N2 cryostat (Unisoku CoolSpeK, Oxford Instruments OptistatDN)

Electromagnet (GMW 3470)

Nanosecond N2 laser (SRS NL100)

Device fabrication and testing

Vacuum deposition chambers (ALS technologies)

OLED test system (Konika Minoluta CS-200, Keithley 2400)