We always welcome new collaboration opportunities using the below instruments.


Calculation servers

CPU: Intel Xeon, AMD EPYC (4 CPUs, 228 cores), Memory: 6.5 TB, Local disk: 42 TB

Software: Gaussian16, GRRM17, Orca5, Molpro2022, Q-Chem5...


Automated synthesis reactor (EYELA)

Flash chromatography system (Biotage, Selekt Spektra)

Recycling GPC system (Shimadzu, Shodex FP-2002, CHCl3)

Recycling HPLC system (Shimadzu)


Steady-state and transient spectrofluorometer (Edinburgh FS5)

Excitation: Xe lamp, sub-nanosecond LED (310 nm, 810 ps), picosecond laser (375 nm, 57 ps)

Detection: 200–870 nm (steady-state), 230–850 nm, 2.5 ns–200 s (TCSPC and MCS)

Transient absorption spectrometer (Unisoku picoTAS-ns)

Excitation: sub-nanosecond laser (355 nm, 350 ps)

Detection: 410–1600 nm, 400 ps–2 ms

Integrated sphere system (Hamamatsu C9920)

Excitation: Xe lamp (350– 800nm)

Detection: 350–1000 nm

Liquid N2 cryostat (Unisoku CoolSpeK)

Liquid N2 cryostat (Oxford Instruments OptistatDN)

Electromagnet (GMW 3470)

Nanosecond N2 laser (SRS NL100)

OLED test system (Konika Minoluta CS-200, Keithley 2400)